Google Instant is Here

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If you haven’t heard about the biggest earthquake to shake the search engine world, you will soon.

In fact, some of you likely have already noticed something very interesting about Google.

For those who think that microseconds are too slow, introducing…Instant!

Yes, in this day and age of instant gratification, the great minds at
Google have rolled out instant results that dynamically change as you
type your search term on the results page of

Unveiled with great fanfare at a press event in the MoMA in San Fran,
Google Instant was here on September 8, 2010.

In the unveiling, Google VP of Search Products and User Experience
Marissa Mayer said, “today’s announcement does represent what we
believe is a fundamental shift in search…search at the speed of thought”.

According to Google, this new feature will save users two to five
seconds per search.

You can think of Google Instant as a more advanced version of the
“suggest” tool which suggests/predicts search terms as you type
letters, but instead of just recommending search terms in a drop down
box, Google Instant dynamically recommends enter pages of results…even as you type single letters!

Credit to Howie Schwartz for the following information…

Benefits of Google Instant

Faster Searches – By predicting what users will search and delivering
results before they finish typing, Google Instant can save users 2 to
5 seconds per search.

Smarter Predictions – Predictions help searches guide through results
even when searchers don’t know exactly what they are looking for. The
top prediction is shown in gray text directly in the search field so
users can stop typing as soon as they see what they need or are
searching for.

Instant Results – Search results can appear almost as fast as a
letter is entered into the field. Before Google Instant, you had to
type a full term, hit “Enter” and hope for the correct results.

How Google Instant Effects Search Result Ranking

According to Google, Instant will have no effect at all on how search
results are ranked.

However, there is speculation on what the impact of Instant will be
on users’ search habits and pay-per-click advertising, such as:

-shorter attention spans for searchers, leading to the need for strong copy that gets to the point. So pay attention to your title
tag and meta description tag.

-watch the impressions count for AdWords campaigns, which may increase due to Instant.

-those relying on long tail keywords now face even more competition
in the form of Google Instant suggested phrases.

-use of Google’s suggested terms are now critical for keyword research. If Google think it is important enough to show you, you can
bet you should incorporate it in your organic and paid search strategies.

-users’ expectations of results has gone from fast to instant. Remember in a previous newsletter of Google’s “Caffeine” update, I
mentioned that a website’s load time is going to be important from a
ranking point of view. Expect it to be important from a user experience point of view as well.

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