Franz Geffke – Scammer, Cheater, Liar, Fraud – Developer at Sky-Hype AG – CEO Panther MPC Inc. | DKKMA Limited

Franz Geffke, founder and CEO of Panther MPC is a fraud and a liar. He is now listed on LinkedIn as a Front End Developer/Growth Marketer at Sky-Hype AG.

He engaged our services in late 2016 to provide him with public relations consulting for his crowdfunding project the Panther Alpha Micro PC.

Over the span of 2 months, we secured him media coverage in a total of 13 media outlets.

Our agreement was for compensation based on the media coverage we secured for him.

He dismissed our invoice and kept delaying and stalling, saying that he hadn’t had time yet to review our invoice.

Finally after over a month, he made different excuses about our invoice amount.

I had offered numerous times to settle for a lesser amount, even going so far as to proactively reduce the original invoice.

But despite our attempts at a settlement, Franz Geffke ignored our emails save for when we published a Youtube video of our experience with him at:

Even worse, we pre-paid an expense to use a wire service PR Newswire to distribute his press release.

He has not even reimbursed us for that expense yet.

We rarely resort to public shaming, but in a case as egregious as this, we felt it our duty to warn the business world.

If Franz Geffke, Panther MPC and DKKMA Limited feel it is ok to shaft a contractor like us, you could be next.

Panther MPC’s team includes:

Ali Rohanin – COO
Aaron Sowry – Lead Embedded Software Developer
Chaichan A. – Strange that there’s only an initial for his last name. Investor/Advisor
Alexandra Orlov – Advisor

My personal opinion is that Franz Geffke feels he can get away with this because his company, although the mailing address is in the Bay Area, has its company registered in Delaware, and he personally is likely in the UK.

Therefore, he believes that he is beyond the reach of the law.

What he isn’t beyond the reach of is the power of the Internet to out scammers and cheats like him.

It is my hope that this webpage serves as a warning to anyone who would do business with Franz Geffke and his associates.

We have already begun legal action against him.

If you were screwed by him, let me know.


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