Search Engine Marketing

Want to be #1 on Google?

If you’re not on the first pages of Google, you’re missing out on a huge market. Just look at what we’ve done for our clients:

#1 of 38,300,000 results – “Java in the cloud”
#1 of 4,220,000 results – “cheap reseller hosting”
#1 of 7,230,000 results – “value reseller”
#1 of 39,000,000 results – “free business intelligence tools”
#1 of 24,700,000 results – “technology PR”
#2 of 4,680,000 results – “yearbook companies”
#3 of 8,780,000 results – “string basses”

Optimizing your web site for search engines such as Google, also known as SEO (Search Engine Optimization), can do the following for your web site:

  • drive qualified traffic to your site in droves
  • produce leads at a significantly lower cost than any other form of advertising
  • open your web site up to millions of new prospects
  • help make your web site a 24×7 lead generation machine

This can only be done if you have a high rank with Google.

And these days, the old way of doing SEO simply doesn’t work any longer.

That’s why combining the power of PR and SEO together can multiply the effects of your search engine optimization efforts, far better than your competitors.

The reasoning is simple. Search engines like Google love relevant, quality links that go to your site. And what better links to get than from the top authoritative websites on the Internet that cover news?

But just writing and putting out a press release isn’t going to do it. You need real PR. You need Firecracker PR.

The close relative of SEO is pay-per-click advertising (PPC), which on Google is referred to as AdWords.

Running an effective Google AdWords campaign can have the following benefits:

  • instantly access millions of prospects
  • generate qualifed leads immediately
  • control your ad campaigns by time of day, geography and more
  • pay only when someone clicks on your ad

Beyond Google AdWords, we also are experts in Microsoft AdCenter (which includes Yahoo), Facebook Ads (a potential source of extremely cheap clicks), LinkedIn Ads (great for targeted B2B companies) and third party display ad networks (don’t just be limited to search engines).

Here’s what others say about our search engine marketing:

“Firecracker took us from no ranking to the top five placement on Google for ‘granite furniture’, ‘granite table’ and ‘granite tables’ that have a total of 15.5 million search results. We couldn’t be more pleased with our SEO results.”

-Mike Nickel, President of Stonelite Furniture

“Firecracker took over managing our AdWords campaign and helped us triple our sales in the very first month. They’ve consistently increased our clickthrough rates on a very competitive category to at least 7%. With their attention to detail of split testing ads, managing our bids and watching our conversions, we’ve been able to focus on our business while reaping the benefits of increased online sales.”

-Prashant Shewa, President of

“Firecracker took over our AdWords management and has consistently improved our results at a lower cost than our previous agency.”

-Jake Ryan, President of Venice Consulting Group

“Firecracker has driven downloads of our numberGo business intelligence software through consistently high clickthrough rates and conversion rates, as well as optimizing our site so our web traffic continues to increase through organic means.”

-Joe Bonavita, Chief Technology Officer of numberGo, LLC

If you’re ready to experience the benefits of increased sales, leads and web site traffic, contact us today!

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