SEO Marketing

PR is the new SEO.

Forget what you know about SEO from a few years ago.

The time of trying to “game” Google is over.

If you want to build a lasting advantage that makes sure your competitors will never overcome you, you need public relations to boost your search engine optimization efforts.

The reason is simple: PR gets you mentions and backlinks from media sites that have very high Domain Authority and trust to Google.

We can also manage your entire online marketing paid campaigns: Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, retargeting. It’s a headache to deal with this all yourself. Let us handle it so you can get on with your business.

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Here’s what we do for you in SEO:

SEO Phase 1

  • Understanding of business goals and web goals
  • Complete website SEO audit
  • Brainstorm list of potential keywords prospects would use
  • Keyword research on related search terms & monthly search volumes
  • Manual search of each short-listed term to estimate ranking difficulty
  • Finalized list of proposed target keyword phrases
  • Write new Title and Description meta tags
  • Edit new copy to ensure SEO keyword optimization
  • Ensure tracking code in place for Google Analytics
  • Decide on “conversions” and “goals”, integrate into GA for tracking
  • Update HTML and XML sitemaps

SEO Monthly Ongoing Tasks

  • Keyword research for each next level of webpages
  • New Title and Description meta tags for each set of webpages
  • Revised copy or copy suggestions
  • Optimize for long tail keyword searches
  • Analyze target pages for improved optimization
  • Write new title and description meta tags
  • Provide copy suggestions and write revised copy for optimization
  • Link building opportunities to improve link profile
  • Provide written monthly report and analysis
  • Conduct call to review data, recommendations & to confirm action items/next steps