The Secret to Success with Google AdWords

Google AdWords is literally the greatest thing invented for marketers since sliced bread.

The amount of control and reporting given by Google is astounding, with the ability to control your campaign in real-time and instantly reach a potential market of millions.

What’s made Google AdWords so successful is the relevancy of your ads popping up beside search results just as someone is looking for what you may have to offer.

But the simplicity of AdWords is also its danger. The vast majority of Firecracker’s clients have tried, unsuccessfully, to manage their own AdWord campaigns.

And you can be sure of one thing. If you aren’t paying attention to AdWords, you will quickly find yourself in negative ROI territory. Stories abound of companies who are disillusioned with AdWords as the cost of advertising skyrocket for little in return.

The secret to succeeding with Google AdWords is actually very simple to know, but difficult to implement.

The secret is, you must constantly test test test.

While this secret holds true for marketing in general, no other means of marketing has the instant statistical feedback and the ability to slice and dice data in so many ways as Google Analytics does.

If you do not test, you do not know what to do to improve your results.

What should you test? In a word, everything. Test headlines, test inserting dynamic keywords, test ad copy, test capital letters, test call to actions, test landing pages, test offers.

Without a solid understanding of multivariate testing (testing multiple variables at once), at least start by doing Split A/B tests (fancy way of saying hold one constant, change the other and see what the result is).

Unfortunately in this day and age, few people have the time to test and measure AdWord campaigns. That is where a firm such as Firecracker can come in handy. We do it so you don’t have to.

Remember, start testing and tracking results. Success is consistently doing little things right over time. If you persevere, the results will follow.


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