Content Marketing that Makes an Impact

90% of the content marketing out there is junk.

Companies spend a ton of time creating content…only to have it sit there.

Done right, content marketing is indeed powerful.

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It can help you:

  • Increase organic inbound web traffic
  • Help you rank for longtail keywords
  • Drive viral sharing
  • Boost your social media efforts
  • Secure you backlinks from high domain authority sites for SEO
  • Establish you as a thought leader

When it comes it content marketing, follow the new 80/20 rule:

Spend far more time figuring out how you’re going to promote your content before actually creating it.

Case Study #1 – Telecommuter Infographic

Everyone does infographics, but does everyone get the results we did?

#1 result on Google Images

#2, 3 and 4 on Page 1 of Google

Mashable article written about our infographic…

…resulting in over 1,300 social shares!

and a valuable inbound link from Mashable to our client

Case Study #2 – Top Dog Website Award

One of our past clients sold high end protection guard dogs.

We created an award of the Top 95 Dog Websites.

The team at Firecracker PR researched and curated the best websites related to dogs, and we gave them an award that we created.

We then provided them an award logo to link back to our client’s site:

The net result was that our client’s website ended up ranking second overall for a term that had 1.1 BILLION search results, beating out several top dog publications:

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