Firecracker PR was started with one mission in mind: to get our clients known.

This is Edward Yang, founder and managing partner of the agency.

Prior to starting the firm, I worked client-side at a few technology companies, including hardware and software ones.

I noticed that tech firms, since by their nature were started by product-focused people (engineers, coders, etc.), were not great at storytelling.

That’s where we come in.

Think of us as solving the last mile for you.

We help craft and tell your story to the press, so you can reach your prospects.

With such a brilliant idea in mind, and having beta-tested my thesis for a couple of years, I decided to quit my job in 2007 and work on Firecracker full time.

Then the Great Recession hit.

Remember the Great Recession?

Remember the Great Recession?

My wife was laid off.

Probably not a great time to start my new business.

But you know what? In retrospect, it was.

I had heard numerous complaints from companies that their PR agencies would write one press release a month and call it a day.

That is not “public relations”.

Even worse, they were billing them $10,000 a month on retainer for that one press release.


I was shocked when I heard that.

Our commitment is, we will provide far greater value than these “traditional” firms that had gotten lazy and complacent.

So I used the recession to win business from companies that were sick of the typical agency run around.

The result of being born in a recession is that:

-We keep our overhead lean. Our office is small and sparse. No mahogany or teak wood conference tables. Think IKEA (but tasteful!).

No lavish conference rooms here.

No lavish conference rooms here

-We are a team of operators. Structured like an agile startup, no layers of expensive VPs here. Every team member has defined roles. That means more value and results for you.

-Speaking of talent, we have team members who were reporters in a previous life before moving to the Dark Side (some even winning awards).

-We are laser-focused on results. Big box agencies are focused on paperwork and presentations. They operate more like law firms. Tech companies have no time to waste, so we don’t.

-We know other areas of marketing (SEO, social media, inbound lead gen), and we know how to work with those areas to maximize the benefits of PR efforts. For instance, we work to try and secure do-follow backlinks from press coverages to help boost your SERP (search engine ranking position).

-We treat you as per the Golden Rule. I’ve empowered all our team members to make sure our clients are happy. Think Zappos and their “delivering happiness” ethos.

If you read this far…that’s impressive in this day and age of short attention spans.

Thanks for listening to our story. If you’re ready to learn more about how we can help you get known with our proven 5-step “Ignites” process, please contact us today.

P.S. If you were looking for a more traditional “About Us”, here it is:

Firecracker PR is an integrated agency bringing a new way of blending public relations, search engine marketing and content marketing in one cohesive offering. Located in Orange County, California, Firecracker PR specializes in helping brands of all sizes gain greater awareness. Our clients have benefited through exposure on Wall Street Journal, ABC World News Television, CNET, TechCrunch, Mashable, Inc., Business Insider, US News & World Report, AXIOS and many, many more outlets.