It’s an exciting time to be a consumer technology company. New brands are emerging every day, disrupting the status quo. Today you can take your message directly to consumers, and that’s what Firecracker will help you to do.

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TP-LINK is a global leader in wireless networking. Back in 2010, TP-LINK was launching into the US market with no brand awareness or sale. At the time, the US wireless networking market was highly competitive; well-known brands included D-Link, NETGEAR, Linksys, Belkin and many others. Within 3 years, Firecracker helped TP-LINK hit $60 million in sales while securing product reviews in some of the top media outlets: CNET, Engadget, Fox News, ABC World TV, PC World, Time Magazine, PC Mag, Gizmodo, CRN Magazine and many, many others.



Geeni is a smarthome brand of smart bulbs, smart plugs and other connected home devices. Upon our engagement they had no media coverage. Result: Firecracker secured mentions and reviews in CNET, Techcrunch, VentureBeat, the Verge, Techhive, Digital Trends, The Wirecutter, Smart Home, Tom’s Guide, PC World, and more.



GIGABYTE is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of computer components and accessories. Best known for their motherboards, they have since branched out into other products including monitors and laptops. AORUS is their premium gaming brand, with high end accessories targeting hardcore gamers or graphics professionals. Firecracker PR has helped both brands secure product reviews and mentions in outlets ranging from The Verge, PCMAG, Forbes, Engadget, PC World, IGN, Tech Radar, Gizmodo, Wired, Laptop Magazine, Heavy, ZDNet and many others.

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Pimax manufactures and sells advanced virtual reality (VR) hardware products such as headsets. They selected Firecracker to assist during the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. Using our 15 plus years of experience attending CES, we provided pre-show and post-show media relations. Firecracker helped coordinate product demos, reporter reviews and media placements. Articles include CNET, IGN, Tom’s Hardware, Forbes, Digital Trends, and many more.



3DLive pioneered one of the highest resolution 3D LED experiences specifically for live events. High profile projects include Michael Jackson “This is It”, and theme rides.

“With partners as large as BioWare, Cedar Fair, and EA, it’s easy for a small company to lose their presence in PR campaigns, but Firecracker PR ensured that 3DLive was presented as a driving force of the project. We received an outstanding amount of press thanks to their efforts.”

-Theresa Elorriaga, Director of Marketing for 3DLive

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