Public Relations

We Get You Press Coverage, Period.

Let’s be honest here. There are many PR agencies that issue a press release, charge $10,000 a month and call it a day.

I know because I’ve seen it first hand.

I know because my clients tell me from experience.

To be honest, I call that highway robbery.

That’s not us. We hustle every day to get you known.

Our Results Speak for Themselves

“Firecracker PR provided complete guidance for the launch of our new ride service app, asterRIDE. Within months, we were mentioned in top media including CNET, Washington Post, NPR Radio, NBC TV Chicago and many other outlets. As we rolled out the app in targeted cities, Firecracker secured us stories and interviews in newspapers, television and radio. Firecracker goes beyond the call of duty to advise us on all things media and public relations. They are a true member of our team.”

-Seth Rudin, founder and CEO of asterRIDE

asterRIDE coverage

The Benefits of PR

  • generate awareness of your brand, products or services
  • significantly shorten your sales cycle by priming your audience
  • driveĀ quality organic traffic to your website
  • put you top-of-mind with prospects through regular media mentions
  • establish credibility through a consistent history of releases and press mentions
  • significantly improve your SEO with high quality links from media outlets

Read my article on Entrepreneur “8 Way PR Helps Sales (and 1 Way it Doesn’t)“.


How We Do It: Our 5 Step “Ignites” Process

Over the 12 years of servicing companies in technology and other industries, we’ve perfected a process to works together to get you constant press.

We call this our “Ignites” process.

Step 1: Promotion

First things first. We work to get your company and product out in front of reporters.

This is done through our personalized one on one outreach to our press contacts.

No mass email blasts here. Just targeted, customized outreach that gets you covered.

Step 2: Thought Leadership

Now it’s time to get you known as a leader in your industry.

Have you seen those articles in Entrepreneur, Business Insider, Inc and other industry press written by CEOs of companies?

Have you wondered how they got them?

That’s what we can do for you.

We brainstorm article ideas, write the content and pitch it directly to editors.

Step 3: Source Filing

Why does it seem like some companies are always mentioned in news stories?

You have to get on the reporter’s radar to get quoted as a source.

We work on your behalf to make sure that when a reporter needs a quote, you’re contacted.

Step 4: Newsjacking

Whatever the hot trending stories of the day are, we work to get you in as part of the conversation.

The goal is to ride whatever’s hot and integrate your message where at all possible.

The result: your company seems topical and relevant.

Step 5: Content Marketing

Yes, everyone says they do content marketing.

But none do it like us.

Check this out for results:

We took one infographic for a client and turned it into:

  • a full page article on Mashable
  • #1, #2, #3 ranking on Google’s first page, both search and images
  • over 1,300 social shares
  • high quality links from Mashable and blogs to our client’s site


Check out many other examples of real results that benefited our clients at our public relations portfolio here.

Contact us today and find out how Firecracker can start getting you the results you deserve.


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