Differentiate or Die

In other words, stand out from the crowd or risk your business sliding into oblivion.

This in fact was the title of an excellent book by Jack Trout, one of the foremost authors on marketing and branding.

Along the same lines, another great book on the subject was “The Purple Cow” by renowned author Seth Godin.

The moral of the story is that in today’s hypercompetitive marketplace where your prospects are bombarded by advertisements and information, it’s more critical than ever that you put a stake in the ground to claim that you are different in a unique way from your competitors.

And don’t think what your company does is so generic as to have nothing to distinguish from others.

Any product, service or company can successfully differentiate from competitors. All it takes is some time and thought.

Here are some areas where you can differentiate:

-Being first at something
-Being the leader in something
-Your heritage or history
-Market specialty
-How a product is made
-Being the latest
-Being “hot” in an area

And if all else fails and it seems as if none of the above apply to you, a company can always differentiate itself by being the one who will educate its customers.

After all, educating customers simply requires harnessing and disseminating your most valuable asset: your knowledge.

Spend time with your team to think about how you can successfully differentiate yourself so that you never have to compete on price ever again.

It’s definitely time well spent.

Firecracker PR offers its unique “Ignites” rotational strategy to differentiate itself from other agencies.

The fact of the matter is, for some companies, there isn’t a need for PR 12 months a year.

That’s why with Ignites, companies can benefit from public relations, search engine marketing and social media…all for the same price that most PR agencies charge for public relations alone.

Three services for one price. Now that’s a winning differentiation!

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