Four Ways Public Relations Can Help Fundraising (O’Dwyer’s article)

Many of Firecracker PR’s clients are high growth companies who are in the seed or Series A stage of funding.

They come to us specifically because they are looking to harness the power of media relations to facilitate their fundraising.

Here’s an article I wrote in the November 2020 issue of O’Dwyer’s on how PR can help in this area.


Four Ways Public Relations Can Help Fundraising

Despite the uncertainty the pandemic has wreaked on the global economy, technological innovation marches on. It’s true that during sizable upheavals, there are always winners and losers. Certain industries have been devastated, such as airlines, hospitality, restaurants, gyms and a host of others. Other sectors have seen strong growth, such as software-as-a-service, anything cloud-enabled and other industries that encompass the work from home movement. As visionaries, venture capital firms are in a difficult position of trying to predict future trends and they’re backing those bets with funding.

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