Ignore Google

Is it possible to ignore Google?

Many of us couldn’t even imagine what life was like before Google, not to mention Youtube, GMail, GDocs, Google Maps and now Buzz.

For those involved in marketing online, much of it has been spent bowing at the altar of Google.

But with their massive share of the market (65%) comes a dark side.

Those who have dabbled in Google AdWords all have stories of the dreaded “Google Slap”, where for one reason or another your Cost Per Click soars or your ads are just not appearing because of some mysterious reason that Google doesn’t want to tell you.

Worse, try actually contacting someone at Google for support.

And woe to those whose organic listing plummets because they somehow incurred the wrath of Google.

The point is, relying solely on Google is dangerous.

Here are some ways to break the Google addiction:

1. For PPC ads, get accounts with Yahoo and Bing. The newly-merged companies have a combined market share of 20%, not insignificant. Furthermore, their Cost Per Click is usually lower (and sometimes
much lower) than Google.

2. Start testing social media PPC. Firecracker has seen good success with tests on Facebook and LinkedIn. The best part is the very low Cost Per Click as these sites haven’t gained large popularity as of now.

3. Did you know that, as large as Google is, it only accounts for less than 20% of all online advertising opportunities? There is a massive online advertising market out there comprised of different display ad networks. The costs can be dirt cheap too!

4. For those focused on Local Search, diversify your risk and get listed with as many business directories as you can such as CitySearch, Merchant Circle, Superpages.com, Yellowpages.com and others.

It’s funny, but I sense that there is a Google backlash coming. Perhaps it’s inevitable, a result of their massive success. Apple and Google are in open war. Microsoft is, believe it or not, accusing Google of anti-trust violations. Marketers and advertisers loathe Google for the most part. Privacy advocates fear the reach of Google into every aspect of online life.

Whatever happens, don’t get caught unprepared. With a little planning, your marketing doesn’t have to rely 100% on Google.

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