The 1 Key to Successful PR

PR isn’t easy.

In fact, out of all the different marketing tactics out there,
PR could be one of the most difficult.

Not difficult like engineering is difficult.

But difficult in the sense that achieving media coverage
consistently isn’t easy.

Today I want to teach you the single most important secret
to being more successful in PR.

It’s a secret that PR pros sometimes forget, but it’s not
one that reporters forget.

Just remembering and focusing on this one secret could
transform your PR efforts overnight.

Throughout the history of man, storytelling has been a
tried and true way of communication.

Before there were written records, history was transmitted
through stories.

Even today, we humans are born with an innate desire for

It’s why kids delight in parents telling them stories, whether
made up or from a book.

Storytelling for PR


It’s why we go to movies or watch TV series.

We all want a good story.

And storytelling is the single most important ingredient
for success in PR.

Why? Well if you think about it, the answer is obvious.

The goal of PR is to get media to write about you.

And the goal of media is to get people to read, listen or watch.

Going back full circle to our desire for stories, logically it makes
sense that in order for you to successfully pitch a reporter, you
have to convince them that your story is one their readers will
care about.

Therefore, you have to tell a compelling story to the reporter
so they can be convinced that if they write about you, people
will care.

While the secret of storytelling seems obvious and easy, the
devil is in the details.

You might be dismayed and think that you or your business
has no story to tell.

I can stop you right now and say that is patently false.

Everyone has a story to tell…you just might not be fully
aware of what it is.


Every company has a story to tell


That’s where a good PR agency can come in and help.

Here’s an example of how any company can come up with
a compelling story.

One of our clients makes valves for the oil and gas industry.

On the surface, that sounds as if there’s no real story there.

But upon further inquiries, we discovered three storylines:

1. The inventor of this valve had a wonderful story on how
and why he invented this new type of valve.

2. The valve was of a unique design that fundamentally changed
how oil and gas companies needed to service compressors,
leading to benefits such as reduced chances of workplace injuries.

3. Because the valve didn’t require servicing as often, it
reduced methane emissions.

The first story angle was interesting enough that an editor at
Entrepreneur magazine agreed to run an article on how
thinking outside the box produced this invention.

The second storyline led to widespread coverage in industry

The third storyline helped them win a major prestigious award
in the category of green innovation.

What looked like a simple valve in reality turned into three
stories that helped boost PR efforts far beyond what the usual
press release could ever hope to achieve.

I hope this case study encourages you to believe that you or your
company also has a story to tell.

In the next email I will share with you a step by step plan on
how to discover and communicate your own story so you too
can crush it in PR.

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