Why should you outsource to Firecracker as opposed to hiring someone internally?

Besides the dedicated expertise and experience that Firecracker brings, did you know that hiring an employee has many other hidden costs besides just salary?

Here is a simple example:

Costs Estimated (example)  
Salary and benefits
Proposed salary $50,000.00
Medical $10,000.00
Dental $2,000.00
Vision $1,000.00
401 K $5,000.00
Subtotal $68,000.00
Administrative costs Hours
Calculating benefits and salary (cost/hour) 2 $100.00
Working with IT to develop workspace 0.5 $42.50
Contracting with recruiter/headhunter $5,000.00
Advertising for position $300.00
Screening resumes 4 $200.00
Interviewing candidates
First interview 2 $250.00
Second interview 1 $125.00
Final interview 1 $125.00
Mileage and entertainment $100.00
Credit/background/reference check $150.00
Test for controlled substances $75.00
Relocation/moving costs $2,000.00
Subtotal $8,467.50
In-house training on company applications 6 $210.00
Training programs with vendor $600.00
Additional office equipment $500.00
Tech support 2 $70.00
Subtotal $1,380.00
Total hiring costs $77,847.50

As you can see, the actual hiring costs can be 56% higher than the visible annual salary!

Don’t stress. Go with Firecracker for your marketing needs.