Wordle Statistics for 2022

[social_warfare]Wordle Statistics for 2022 It’s not an overstatement to say that Wordle took the world by storm in 2022. For those in the know early on, Wordle took off like a rocket ship and spread via word of mouth and social media. For those who didn’t, they would soon know what those green and yellow …


Why Social Media is a Waste of Time, and What You Should be Doing Instead

How much time have you spent on doing social media? How much time have you spent figuring out if there’s any positive ROI to those social media activities? If you’ve spent any amount of time peering into the statistics of your posts, you’ll see that the numbers are dismal. The truth of the matter is, …


Four Ways Public Relations Can Help Fundraising (O’Dwyer’s article)

Many of Firecracker PR’s clients are high growth companies who are in the seed or Series A stage of funding. They come to us specifically because they are looking to harness the power of media relations to facilitate their fundraising. Here’s an article I wrote in the November 2020 issue of O’Dwyer’s on how PR …